Minerva Foundation is a community that focuses on literacy. A non-profit community dedicated to the “reading and writing” campaign in Indonesia. This community that spreads the spirit of reading and writing was founded in 2018. Currently, Minerva has produced many new generations of writers.

Based on that background, we try to visualize the literacy spirit into a visual form. A logo that reflects the literacy culture. And of course, the logo must be easily recognizable, so that the spirit of literacy can easily spread.

We started with the idea of a book. Everyone thinks that books are symbols of literacy and knowledge. This would be a good starting point for the formation of a logo for Minerva. Then we add the Minerva symbol (The owl). That’s it.

This idea would be perfect. Minerva was carrying a book. Then we executed this into a simple-modern logo. All elements are simple and minimalistic. Negative space is one of the best ways to create simple shapes. This will make the logo more recognizable, and also more applicable.

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