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Chedda Inc. stylescape and finance Logo design by namlio

This is a finance logo design project for Chedda Inc. A financial company that handles money transfers between countries, internationally. They have the advantage of fast transfer transactions and can be done from home. Here is the full brief.

Logo Design Brief

Name: Chedda inc. | Slogan: Send more home for less. | Meaning: Alternative spelling of cheddar (type of cheese); cash; money.


Quick, Affordable international money transfer; Help diaspora sends money home; Covering initially Nigeria, Africa/Global in the future; Initially via traditional (Phone/email, via Apps in the future).

Target Demographic

African Diaspora 22 – 45 high income working adults who visit home regularly; African Diaspora 45-60+ Looking to retire so send money back for priojects.


Simple Name Logo with simply icon; Icon can be letter or symbol; Future Proofed for App usage; Colour pallete: Cream, Black, Gold.

Our Solution for Finance Logo Design

These are some keywords to note from the brief above:
– money transfer
– fast transactions
– simple logo
– apply cheese elements (color or shape)
– compatible with digital media (mobile app)

So we chose to create a simple and modern logo, which can be used as a symbol for mobile applications. This will be suitable for finance logo design.

The basic idea is to combine the letter C, the arrow symbolizing the transfer speed, and the circle symbolizing the coin (money). The color we use is blue which symbolizes trust, professionalism, and yellow which symbolizes cheese, can also be interpreted as fun. The impression of the brand color that we use is professional, but also fun.

Previously we also sent 3 kinds of designs, before finally choosing the design above. And they (Chedda Team) chose our first concept, with a slight color change. The previously yellow and dark gray colors were replaced with blue-yellow colors.

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concepts of Chedda Inc. stylescape and finance Logo design by namlio