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6 Types of Graphic Design Jobs Opportunities in 2023

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Before we review the core points of this article, 6 different types of graphic design jobs, let’s talk a little about the basics. Graphic designers solve problems using visuals, utilizing creativity, and layouts to create design structures, shapes, color strategies, typography, images, and space. In a design agency, there are usually many human resources with different specializations. These different types of graphic designers aim to make it easier and faster to work on a design project. Below are the 6 most common types of graphic design.

Logo Design and Brand Identity

The first graphic design jobs are logo design and brand identity. A graphic designer who designs logo design and brand identities to create a strong brand image for a business or organization. They create a connection between the business and its audience, creating the right visual identity. Starting from creating a logo that fits the business/brand image or persona by utilizing the use of the right shape, and appropriate color combinations, and choosing fonts that match the business persona and audience. Then, from the logo they made, they made derivative designs, such as business cards, letterheads, social posts, and so on. The entire design is based on the logo design that they created, to match the logo style, brand logo color, and logo persona. This is what makes the brand image strong and successfully conveys the business/brand message to the audience. We are an example of this type of designer, designing logo design and brand identity. If you want to strengthen your brand identity image, don’t hesitate to take a look at our services, or contact us.

Graphic Design Jobs Opportunities in 2023: Logo Design and branding design job
image: unsplash.com

Packaging Design

The second graphic design job is packaging design. Designers working on packaging designs must be able to design 3D shapes. Create the design of the inside and outside of the package. Their task is to make the packaging design as attractive as possible, in order to be able to make the attention of consumers to buy the product. They must also be able to match the feel of the product (the taste and for whom the product is made). Another task of the packaging designer is to ensure that the packaging design that they made is able to protect the product from damage during shipping.

Usually designers only design packaging on computers, but it will be a plus point if they are able to make prototypes to ensure the safety of the products inside. Another plus point is understanding the types of materials to be used, and their impact on the environment.

Layout and Print Design

The third graphic design job is the layout and print design. Layout and print designers strive to strike a balance between text and graphics, creating design layouts that are both pleasing and aesthetically pleasing, but also readable. The legibility of a design should be a top priority for designers in creating designs, such for magazines, books, newspapers, brochures, posters, and more. For layout and print designers, the placement of graphics, images, and font selection should be the main concern, because not all good fonts in the digital display will fit when printed. Digital and print are different, so you must be observant in considering all aspects of design, color, spacing, fonts, and others. Are you interested in becoming a Layout and print designer?

Marketing or Promotional Design

The next type of graphic design job is marketing or promotional design. Marketing or promotional designers work to create assets that are useful for marketing strategies. They sometimes work as a team in a company. This team consists of copywriters, who write marketing scripts such as headlines or slogans in an advertisement. The other team consists of visual designers to visualize marketing materials and adapt them to the psychological aspects of the target (usually marketing uses this psychological aspect to generate attention from consumers).

marketing or promotional design career
image: unsplash.com

Traditionally marketing or advertising agencies focused on print media, but in today’s digital era, they have developed and penetrated digital media. Lots of digital banner creation opportunities. We can see this opportunity from the rise of advertisers in digital media such as Facebook ads, Google ads, Youtube ads, Instagram ads, and others. Interested in becoming a marketing designer or Promotional Designer?

Web Design and Mobile App Design

The next type of graphic design job is UX design. Web and mobile app design are two types of design that are almost the same. Web and Mobile app designers create a visual display of the interface. Usually, this type of designer is called the user interface and user experience designer. This type of designer is to designs pages, layouts, and graphics for applications or websites. The UI/UX designer works closely with the developer (backend and front end) to ensure the functions created in the design work properly. UI/UX designers also design navigation flow, and structure, for a better user experience. So that users feel enjoy and comfortable using the application or website. Are you interested in becoming a Web and Mobile app designer?

motion design

Motion Graphic Design

The last type of graphic design Job in this article is motion graphic design. Designers in this field are very important in today’s digital age. They create motion graphics assets that are useful for stealing the attention of consumers. An example of this design is creating an animated logo, which will attract the attention of customers on a company’s website or application, creating a youtube opening animation, and so on. Motion graphics can be found on all digital platforms. This type of design creates new fields and opportunities. The more developed the digital world is today, the more it creates opportunities for this type of design. So don’t miss learning motion graphic design to take this niche.

Prepare for Your Graphic Design Jobs in 2023

Those are the 6 Types of Graphic Design Jobs, each of which has great opportunities at this time. If you want to dive into one of those fields, don’t miss it. Learn all aspects that will support your work. You can start learning the most basic design principles, then learn the specific design aspects above: logo design and brand identity, packaging design, layout and print design, marketing or promotional design, web and mobile app design, and motion graphic design. Let’s Prepare for Your Graphic Design Jobs!